Whitechapel is in East London. This weblog is a cyber space for occasional thoughts and musings about the area of Whitechapel, and the strange goings-on in these parts.

It’s easy to float around these streets unoticed.  The history of the area means that you’re never alone, the streets resound with hints and echoes of residents from a different era.  The centuries have left their dust in Whitechapel.

So the natural and technical surveillance lets slip a dark figure moving through the streets – behind Commercial Road, in the shadows off Jubilee Street.  The buildings of Whitechapel look better at dusk, some local architecture has been photographed and can be found displayed in this weblog.  But photography cannot convey the spirits of this area, the scurrying in the backstreets or the breeze just off the Thames. ..

Whitechapel Ghost Style takes an evening time tour round this area of London, taking note and stock and chronicling some of theoccurences and happenings in Whitechapel in 2009.

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