Life on the Farm

Tempora batter.  I’ve never spent more time on Broadwater Farm.  Twice a day, 4 times a week.  I’ve got to know what the front line looks like.  Dead chickens, no carcass.  Just feathers.  Justine by Lawrence Durrell, lost in transit, somewhere between here and France.  Naomi is in Paris going to a 24 hour rave, advising me from there.  In two days time, I escape to Dunfermline.

Bad Church

I’m panicking somewhat.  It’s never felt like this.

June 2013.  Today I followed the flow of the Moselle.  What a lovely park.

Good golly - what a shit park!

I take it we can all expect delays.

Expect Delayz

Cigarette in hand.  Life breathes walking calmy beside the expensive game.

improvement works

They’re re-paving everywhere.

industrial neglect

Welfare loses sight of itself on an industrial scale

17.05.2013 014

a monument   Elephant and Castle   inside a crisp packet

Portmanteau   Note     24.05.2013 007


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