A Mad Day Out

Paul and John, sparring

1968, The Beatles, doing martial arts on top of the roundabout at Old Street.  

Today, London still waits for the light of Spring to emerge through the gloom.  Waiting for someone, my brother I think it was.  Off the train at the station, we wandered over to the Cock Tavern in Somers Town.  Only had enough for a half pint each.  Previously, I had found myself in the Old Church Gardens of St Pancras…

The Gardens of the Old Church

Mental States reflected in Mad Mosaics.  In my life’s practice, I’m trying to open the gates.  In the Gardens that day, I found a gate already open.  Fingertips getting freezing, pushing palms in fingerless gloves.

The Gate, already open

Mad Mosaics

Concentric octagons.  A random memorial set in church gardens.

Mosaics, in context

Memorial in St. Pancras Gardens

The Beatles, sat in the Old Churchyard

I happened across a plaque which revealed a great deal.  I hadn’t heard of the Beatles’ Mad Day Out.  Of course, it was in ’68.  Look at Paul’s suit.  Of course they were in London, able to lark around the Old Church Gardens of St Pancras.

Plaque on the Bench

The Beatles at the Old Church Yard

Another image from the Church Yard

See, as the decades lapse and wane, how gardens here bordered in Hollyhock are replaced by easy-to-maintain drab shrubbery.  What would John and George make of the scene now?

Lovecraft Administrative

The Beatles keep off the grass

The band, accompanied by a coterie of photographers and their team, moved on from the Gardens and frollicked around London.  Paul is fairly flexible.  Look at his out-turned foot, he could aim a nasty kick to the groin.

Paul executes a decent kick

I want to pare these images, of fun and leisure with more from today.  Below is the skeleton of the new Sainsburys development which is currently being constructed on Northumberland Park, in Tottenham.

The new Sainsburys development in Northumberland Park

Light industrial units make way for a major sports-led regeneration project.  I don’t recognise White Hart Lane.  They have scraped away the ground, cutting in to the planet to raise monoliths to progress and comfort graven with corporate CGI images of happy customers, a happy Tottenham.

bleak landscape of un-regeneration

I don’t meet people who find the cutting edge of today, this moment right now, so upsetting.  These images make me angry.  They don’t speak of a world I want to live in.  They represent major investment, technological expertise, partnership working, health and safety policies.  Things I am not part of, despite them being visited upon my community, my Tottenham.  I don’t like them because they are ugly and I don’t want to live in an ugly world.

new architecture of the Zeitgeist i.

I want Mad Days Out

new architecture of the Zeitgeist ii.

new architecture of the Zeitgeist iii.

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