Antebellum Clapton

Belladonna. Jack da Rippa. Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill, Tennessee. And before the swing intro and the fun starts, a hilarious meander through the ol’ house’s web guest page, at  They do teatime at the House, every 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. Also, a genealogy class including tips on researching Black genealogy called Digging up Roots.  That’s just wonderful…

Now, down to Business.  Them boys at the Volunteer State Paranormal Research done themselves some fine work. They investigate ghosts and paranormal activity across Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee.

This, from their homepage,  “Anyone with an interest in ghosts, spirits and the paranormal has probably heard the terms “ghost hunter” and “paranormal researcher”, and wondered if there was any difference between the two and what those differences are. What makes you one or the other? From my experience, I would argue that there are some very key differences between ghost hunting and paranormal research. I won’t say if one is better than the other, or even that one is right and the other wrong. There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to spirits and communicating with the after life. Whether you relate to be a ghost hunter or a paranormal researcher is up to you – your personal preferences and beliefs.

“I’ll drink to that,said the Vicar, seeing his pint away and getting up to leave the George in Clapton.

Me, I was there just this Tuesday. I think the hour was around 3 and I had had a lot to drink. They had a trad-jazz band playing tunes all night long. Now, I’ve never been one to get down with them trad cats but these boys were playing something red hot. So getting late, they wound down, and inevitably I got a bit wound up; already anticipating the closure of the aforementioned public house to be converted into living spaces, or flats.  The name of the game.  Best give up the ghost.

So I this walked back through Hackney, took a stroll through this place.

Wasn’t feeling quite so scared when I realised that the whole darn place is lit up like some Disney tribute to whatever wonders the folks from Barratt Homes think they’re achieving. Photographic evidence to follow later readers… But seriously someone let The Man ride rough-shod through this part of town, right over the residents, and made a dense and solid part of Hackney-in-the-dark give its fertile soil and its dialectical ground over to some people, who wanted to make it look like this is somewhere in the suburbs. To the Petty Bourgeois of North East London: Two fingers, held high.  This isn’t Paris guys…

The gorgeous artworks above courtesy of Frank Laws and his website, Please Visit. I insist

Who built this?

Obsessed with the South.  I’m imagining what Antebellum London might have looked like.  Blood seeps from the black bricks, sometimes it’s hard to picture London after the war.


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