London. Glimsed. The same place, from a different time…

Recently I stumbled across these incredible scenes – photographs below readers. 

Pure and unadulterated in their simplicity, a mid-ranking Priest of digitalised design combining two worlds in one picture.  2 Photographs in 1 scene. 

O! So here I extol the marvels of a Tekno-enabling revolution.  My! Photoshop becomes a verb and what we are now able to achieve…  The images below like an brief essay in the potentials of download/ upload capacities. 

These pictures of London, compositions such as these cause the mind to re-wire  —  re-run the past as if it were now, right here in the present day? 

See how the lady walks towards a building in mid-collapse.  See how the clean corporate lines of a pared-down postwar City Modernism arose from the very destruction and rupture which the Blitz caused here.  This tumbling facade, who knows?  If not Hitler’s Luftwaffe then many buildings like it.  The City replaces, simply forgoing the decoration but not the massing of the old building in the foreground, to the left of the old picture.  The old falls forever silent.  The mind boggles, concepts reel and London still goes on.  Changing  &  Shifting 

Wapping.  Yeah.  Formerly a place of work, of docking.  Presently, a museum in East London.  An Estate Agents’ theme-park.  Disneyland evocation of Labour and of the working classes.  Architecture built for work.  The same building though now houses the Museum of London Docklands.  The photoshopped photo here captures beautifully the contrast.  I’d wager these men would have laughed at the continental tables laid out but yards from where they worked, ready for visitors’ cappucino.  

Juxta —  Positioning

See how the passer-by meanders, completely unaware of the echo of the nearby shoe shiner.  I’m actually comfortable with the Ghost in the P.C. – The play of the public street.  History reverberating, and it’s becoming ever closer now through the gadgetry and circuit boards of the MODERN MACHINE. 

I learned today that William Wallace was Crowned with a Garland of Oak before he was found guilty.  They dragged him past the Tower of London, up to Allegate before he was evicerated and his bowels were burned in front of him.  Most horrible.  Eagle-eyed readers will note that Aldgate was where I formerly banked.  Funny how quietly the ghosts share the pavements.

Months previous I would have said that Lefebvre’s everyday life, the stuff of **today**, tends towards banal.  But things are starting to kick off, as they say.  We have almost weekly uprising.  London witnesses real anger on the streets for the first time in many a year.  Weekly the students have been out.  Lewisham Town Hall overrun and its reception ransacked just two nights ago.  Nay, the old lady’s spirit lives on in us today…   Check the fellow in the Top Hat behind.  Gnarled…

My thanks to chamber images @ for their pictures and Concept. 

Everyone out – Day X, this Thursday, City Centre. 

The Revolution will be fun and



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