Friends and Unfamiliars

The transformation is complete.  Now I live down in here,

…see if you can find it.

I’m a Friend Ghost.  First and foremost to the Lordship Recreation Ground.  But now it seems I’m revolving round a different circular, unfasten the ivy from the graves in the West Hackney Recreational.  But this isn’t recreation!! my retort.  No, this is serious study.  Hours invested in the alignment of my knees.  Trying to move tension up through the torso.  But my bagua’s still not quite where it should be.  Tee Hee.  Waking up in the bunker above means I can’t pitch the climate.  I used to get up and walk all 8 Mother Palms.

Today seems more of a struggle.

So here’s a tip – Sink your hips.  The knee shouldn’t be a load-bearing joint.

Now I smooth these streets, different streets, with a judder.  Winter’s coming in.  Oktober bekomes November.

Not one month in and I’m already having dealings with the Orthodox Jews in Stamford Hill.  New-Build aesthetics setting up emnity with them an’ all.  They’re all waiting for the Messiah to return.

Faded window stickers – Keep the Faith.

Then this last weekend, I think they were calling me the Cable Street Windowlicker.  Halloween in a gutted pub, I barely made it past the canapes darling.  Clean and Clear, Shifu Lu Jun Hai showed me the finishing movements of the form I’ve been learning for most of this year.  It’s called Lian Shou Quan, that means Practice Hands boxing.  Today I repeated the form until I was exhausted.  All that I could hear in the dark of the abandoned sports hall, was the reverberations up from the ground, and my heart beat.  Maybe I have lost some of my strength this Autumn.  A fine riposte to Winter tree branches or the frost, is getting better acquainted with the 5 elements.  Or the Tan Tui forms from the Mizong system.  The need to re-focus one’s intent.  Don’t just see with the eyes.

Missy O. and me.  We entered through the gates of Abney Park Cemetry.  6 heady months in Stoke Newington, and I never once ventured in.  More to follow.  More soon come.  Check out that girl in Morrisons, she believe in Karma.  Me, I’m not quite so sure.

Pity the thought of poor Roushanara Choudhry.  Beckton Library.  She plunges a blade into the belly of her Representative over in Westminster, M.P. Stephen Timms.  I remember this incident from the newsreel that night.  Now the report from The Manchester Guardian, “Choudhry explained after her arrest, she stabbed Timms in the stomach because it was a soft area of the body and she feared being too weak to force the knife into another area.  She was not mentally ill and was calm after the attack.”  Whereas I get jittery at the prospect of San Shou, Roushanara is cool with a bit of the ol’ political ultra-violence…  Mental


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