Metamophosis in Central London

Monday, 13th September, 2010.

I take a day off.

On this day I undergo a session of the Metamorphic Technique.  This is a metaphysical healing practice, developed by Robert St John in the 1960s.  He was a naturopath and a reflexologist who found that the healing of his patients became more effective if he approached their treatment without any specific outcome in mind.

During the treatment, a plane slipped by in the early morning sky.

I flit to a vision, it’s London in 1968.  I’m still hazy from the hashish I smoked earlier.  Across the sky, an aeroplane traces an arc.  I stop and watch for some time.  It’s getting late and I have a lecture to go to.  The modern world is amazing.

Back 2 Earth.  With a bump.  This week has been clearer, more steady, more settled within myself.  Learn about it here –  My steps and my practice now move in technicolour.  I am learning to co-ordinate my feet and fists when I spar with Zuān quan.  I pass by the Brunswick Centre, more than I ever have before.  Skoob.  Nothing else.  You’d have to try it for yourself…


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