Whitechapel is dead meat

Again, some innards have been laid out, nay draped over a handrail at the traffic junction of Whitechapel High Street and Cambridge Heath Road.  Grotesque but dontcha luv it?!!?!?!?!?

The man walks past with an evil gait.  On his shoulder a Shrike.  He use the bird to help him perform with the meat.  In Afrika they’re ritualistic, in Europe we’re ceremonial.  Apparently.

Meanwhile Bethnal Green looses another two old boozers.  It’s like the forgotten monuments.  The Smithereens.  This…

… gets turned in2 this…

… and look, look at the upshot!

And then The Old Cavalier on the corner of Weavers Fields…  This is what John had to say about it, over at Derelict London: “I used to drink there in the 90’s. It was more usually known as Charlie’s Place, after the owner, who often oversaw lock-ins. The most bizarre decor, I seem to remember there being a red phone box in the corner and stuffed animals and other weird bits and pieces. And a very mixed clientele too. Good fun. Closed down about 2000 (don’t know why) and has been a squat for ages.” 

 Not any more I’m afraid John.  Now The Old Cavalier is gone; crunched up and bleached under new yuppie-pads…

That’s it.  All I wanted to say


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