5 fists neigong

A man dying

Xing Yi Nei Gong

Girl in lace, harlequin rides slipshod over a misty Roman Road. Someone’s out the back at O’Leary Square, doing 5 fists neigong; Serge Augier’s system, but he remains faceless. Since they took the beautiful Ramparts away, there’s  been less of a party in Whitechapel.

I was running fast through Victoria Park,  family photos pinned to their relative’s skin.  Wet leaves and trees turned to Autumn.  I ran, so I got thinking about health.  What’s with the incessant questing for better health?  Does happier necessarily follow fitter?!?

Look at this old man – dude lived to be over a hundred, now he’s a ghost.  How did  he feel healthy?

He did neigong.  Neigong is internal exercises or skill.  Through its practice, one learns the needs to work with energy differently.  Weeding today at the Tottenham allotment.  In Bagua, the hands grip differently, Master He shows his students how to pick grass.


Quan in Chinese.  Fist in English: it also means boxing.  Xing Yi quan: Form Intent boxing. This style of kung fu is based on 5 quan, 5 fists.  It’s a way of moving your hands.  And Xing Yi boxing was used as the basis for the same five fists of a Neigong practice, which Serge demonstrated, in Bury St Edmunds.

The important points of Xing Yi practice are as follows. The first is setting down the waist… Setting down the waist means lifting up the coccyx to raise the Qi of Yang; this belongs to the principle of the Du 1) channel.”  Heavy stuff from Sun Lu Tang.

Hands outstretched, palms getting fuzzy.  White Ape offers the peach —  Raise your fist gently  — Blue Elephant Attracts the Needle.   Swallow form Xing Yi.  Sky Blue Living, Maxim Gorky on the go.  Stay focused on the twisting motion.  Whitechapel stay cool like Ice Age II.  People keep warm in the frost.  That was something Serge said.
The Terrible Stranger in the Churchyard

"I'm — afraid — you'll have to send for a hurdle," he went on feebly.

Sun Lu Tang

More from my man Sun Lu Tang, on Xing Yi nei gong.  Check this shit out…

Dropping the shoulders means draw back strength with two shoulders. Hollowing the chest means to open the chest for circulating the Qi and allowing the Qi of Yin to go down; this belongs to the principle of Ren channel. Propping up means to prop up the head, the tongue, and the hands. Lifting up means to lift up the anus.

Crossing means beginning; following means falling; rising means drilling; falling means turning over. Beginning is crossing and falling is following. Rising is the beginning of crossing and drilling is the end of crossing. Falling is the beginning of following and turning over is the end of following.”

Absolute gobbledegook or what?!!?  Later readers


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