Don’t be afraid of anti-dialectics

dialectic at work

To live a life through the dialectic.  We bounce between essence and form.  My kung fu style moves between the external and internal.  The pip of the apple is at one and the same time, the whole apple tree.  The dialectic is a process, it pertains to become a system, inside of which can be found everything within the human universe.  I can’t hope to convey this here, but I want you to understand, dialectic explains who we are and what we should be doing here…

So it pains me to talk about this.  But I feel I must, somewhat like Hopper in Apocalypse Now.

Two years ago, in a darkened circus tent with thousands of ravers, freakin’ out to Errol Alkin, I lit a cigarette.  It was one of those moments: emblazoned in memory.  I smoked it until the end, then let it drop from my fingers.  The hot cherry, a light still on the pitch-black floor, surrounded by pounding feet and I wanted to stamp it out.  I won’t describe this well, but I couldn’t see my foot as I attempted to tread on it, to take the light out.  Well, with my first step, I missed it.  Then of course, I was required to reorientate my step and try again.  Which I did, and failed again to stamp it out.  Now, the dialectic tells you that the resolution comes on the third turn of the triad – that it takes three.  But it was hectic and dark, and on the third attempt I missed the cigarette ember.  It was only the 4th time that I put it out.  Do you see what happened??  Looking down in the darkness, I was being warned about systems of belief.

some more dialectics

One of the most frightening places on the world-wide web I have yet to come across…


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  1. Indeed, I’m the ghost that stalks this mystical theory of yours.

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