There’s a postcard, going from Whitechapel to Holywood, Scotland

Greetings from Bonny Scotland!

I was recently visiting family in Dumfries, Scotland.  A lovely weekend was had by all, not least for the Solway’s decision to grant us three of the South West of Scotland’s thirty hot and pleasant days on the year.  Dumfries was my territory, my town for sixteen years.  Given half the chance, I will still stalk the terrain, searching for its ghosts.  Some, I presume had lived around the same time as the ghouls of Whitechapel…

A ghost in Dumfries

A happy ghost here: Dumfries Swimming Pool, soon to be demolished.  What a shame, see the building saddened… Dumfries Swimming Pool a)

A funny tale; see this side exit…  Once, in the lads’ changing rooms, I pushed open the fire exit door which set off the alarm.  Imagine, the corridor of angry Doonhamers, streaming out into the car park in their bare swimming trunks.  I maintain, I had only pushed an already open door.  And my friends told me to do it…

Dumfries Swimming Pool b)

And then on, to the gardens we ran.

Nestled on the rich floodlands of the river Nith is the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.  Charles Jencks, that American arch-demon headmaster of postmodern architectural criticism manages to marry his way into a local family the Keswicks.  They have a stately home and expansive grounds which were given over to him, to transform into a garden, a space to contemplate our place is the cosmos.  He loves it.  And is obviously free to wander its grounds every day of the year, undisturbed.  Free from the glare and shite of proletarian Dumfries.  Except for this Sunday, the one day a’ the year that they open his gardens to the public.  Thanks Pal!  Cosmic tones, couched in money and transnational capital.  One certainly can’t find scenes like this in Ver Une Architecture.  Anyways, a very pleasant day out is had by all.  I was thinking of Onyeka and Wild Goose Qi Kung.

visitors to the Garden


The Dialectic


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