Killing Kittens

(Figure a)

Another dead kitten found in the gutter; this one on Whitechapel High Street.  Who could be killing them and why?

Bless its dusty little body, flies already around its eyes.  Each kitten they find around Whitechapel has its paws set up, like it was begging.  This is before rigor mortis sets in.  Somebody’s doing this to the kittens they kill.  Maybe it has something to do with the tramp outside Aldgate tube station.  I’ve seen some animals round here who look like they’re capable of this, but it takes thought to arrange a corpse.  I might go and speak to Nakata in Shadwell – he knows some of the nastier cats, some of the more secretive ones.  Poor Nakata.  And the kittens…

Back in the gardens of O’Leary Square, there was a robin, some sparrows and a female blackbird in the hot Sun (24 degrees in Whitechapel yesterday).  Incidentally, rhubarb was going through the metal windows there this morning.  And these, alongside the murdered kittens were somehow involved in the particular form which was being practiced, outside on the concrete.


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